about us

For over 25 years, Katherine Phelps, VIVA Internationale CEO and Publisher has been an Integral part of the Atlanta business community, having won national recognition for her work on numerous diversity-related publications. In 1989 she created the highly acclaimed Atlanta Woman Magazine. In 2005 she went on to create Beautiful a nationally-distributed publication with a focus on beauty products and services, self enhancement, anti-aging and longevity.

Katherine has been brought on as a consultant for dozens of local, regional and national titles including Preferred, Strategy, Employer’s Web The Nurse’s Lounge and Global Exec Women. Beautiful Media, publishes a wide array of books and magazines in all genres including: business, medical, self-help, fiction, non-fiction poetry and children’s titles. Thecompany also offers full service marketing, branding and public relations services. Visit www.beautimedia.com

Beautiful Media creates and manages brands for numerous coroporations, and across a doverse range of channels and media. Our depth of knowledge and skill has a number of clients trusting us with all of their creative and marketing needs.

Facts at a Glance


  • The Premier Global Women’s Magazine
    Offering a blend of business, lifestyle, health, beauty, fashion and more!

  • Distributed nationwide and Internationally as Well

  • Published by Beautiful Media LLC

  • 100% Female Minority Owned and Operated

  • Offering Combined Print and Strong Online Presence

  • Headquarterred in the International City of Atlanta, GA

  • Published quartely in Print- Monthly Online

  • 100,000 Printed Impressions – Online Visitors Estimated Conservatively at over 1,000,000+ annually

  • Over 500 Complimentary Distribution Points, Plus Direct Mail

  • Format -Upscale Glossy Magazine

  • Editorial Content Focused on Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion, Health, Business, Education,
    Career Development, Homeownership, Finance, , Sports, Travel & Entertainment

  • Target Audience- Mid to Upper Income (Fortune 100 to Fortune 500) Professionals & Entrepreneurs

  • Currently Accepting Corporate Partners and Sponsors for Participation in Print and Online as Well as Special Events Series Hosted by VIVA Internationale In 2012/2013.